Studio Policies



All participants must be 18 years of age or older.


All new students must sign liability waivers prior to participating in a class or party. You MUST use your legal name on your waiver; you will be asked to provide identification as a reference. 


Class fees are to be paid prior to class.

Warm up properly to avoid pulling or straining muscles.


Please do not use any grease/lotions/oils/creams on the day of your class. Greasy poles and floors are dangerous! 


No street shoes are allowed in the studio.  Please remove your shoes at the front. Only bare feet, socks or indoor shoes are allowed on the studio floor.


Remove any jewelry that may scratch or get caught on the equipment.

Please take all phone conversations outside of class.

Drop-In Cancellations


All cancellations for drop-ins must be given at least 6 hours before the start of class to receive class credit for rescheduling. Cancellations after the 6 hour period will not be refunded. 


*Class credits expire within 30 days from the initial purchase date.

Refunds/Class Credits


All class credits and drop-in class payments are non-refundable.


We do offer class credits that can be used within 30 days from the initial purchase date.


Class Cancellations for Allegra, Layback, Butterfly, Extended Butterfly and Handspring Package Holders

If you are unable to attend a class you have signed up for, our scheduling system allows you to cancel a class up to 6 hours before the start time, without forfeiting that class.  If you cancel within 6 hours of the class starting, you will forfeit that class and a refund or class credit will not be issued.

Class Cancellations for Stargazer, Bird of Paradise & Iron X Class Package Holders

If you are under the Stargazer 1 Month Unlimited Pole Foundations Class Pack, Bird of Paradise 1 Month Unlimited Class Pack or the Iron X Monthly Unlimited Class Pack and are unable to attend a class you have signed up for, we ask you please cancel at least 6 hours prior to the start of that class to allow room for the next individual to sign up and make accommodations to come to class.

If you have not cancelled within the 6 hour class cancellation timeframe, and do not attend a class that you are registered for, your account will be assessed a $15 fee which will need to be paid prior to you taking your next class.  



When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the waitlist.  When signing up for the waitlist, please expect to come take the class and be ready to come to the studio.  If you are not sure you will be able to make it with a short notice, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being charged for class in case you are added to class.  When a student signs out within the 6 hour cancellation period, you will receive an automatic email, phone or text message letting you know you have been added into class and are no longer on the waitlist.  If you are added into class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as any other class you sign up for. 


* Please make sure you have a valid phone number and email so we can easily contact you.


Late Arrivals


Anyone who arrives more than 5 minutes late WILL NOT be allowed into class and WILL be considered a late cancel.  This is for your safety (a proper warm up is mandatory), security (we lock our studio doors), and respect (cuts into other people’s time).  


Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your class.  Please plan for traffic, parking, and be on time to avoid losing your class.




To absolutely guarantee a spot in a class, you must make a reservation online or call the studio directly.  We welcome walk-ins, but be aware that there will be times when classes are completely full.



Time will be allotted for you to have the opportunity to photograph and videotape at the end of class. 




No see-through material which exposes private parts and no nudity is allowed. No thongs, g-strings or undergarments are allowed to be used as workout attire.  Chest area must also be covered at all times.


With the exception of bottled water, no food or beverages are to be consumed during class on the studio floor.


For your safety, gum-chewing is not allowed, as it is a choking hazard.



For the privacy and comfort of our students and instructors, we do not allow class observations/spectators. 


Coats & Bags 


All coats and non-essential bags must be left in the student storage area.  Please be mindful of class space and everyone's safety when deciding what is necessary for your class experience. 


Lost & Found


Any articles that are left in the studio at the end of the night will be placed in the lost and found.  They will remain in the lost and found for up to one month. After that time, the items will either be donated or discarded.  


Inclement/Severe Weather


For the safety of our students and instructors, Purple Kisses Pole Fitness & Entertainment LLC reserves the right to cancel classes on days of inclement or extreme weather.  This includes days when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and winter days of heavy snow or freezing temperatures. Students will receive cancellation notices by 6:00am for all morning/early afternoon classes and 2:00pm for all evening classes.



Alcohol or illegal drugs should not be consumed before engaging in any activities at Purple Kisses Pole Fitness & Entertainment LLC. It is incredibly unsafe to do so.  Alcohol or illegal drugs are not allowed in the studio.  Please use caution with prescription or over-the-counter-drugs that affect your focus and concentration, as that is a safety issue.  


Any persons who arrive intoxicated, or under the influence of any substance that may cause dizziness or drowsiness, WILL  NOT be allowed to participate in class and WILL still be charged.  Purple Kisses Pole Fitness & Entertainment LLC, has the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol with no refund. 

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